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I'm Marijan, Amsterdam based UX Designer working with

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On every project my goal is to create an functional and consistent UX which serves its main purpose. I always check if every detail is in the right place and implemented according to the latest web standards.

My Greetings & Handshake to You

Welcome to my little place on the internet. I’m Marijan, Web Designer and UX professional working with on world's #1 accomodation site.

Working within role of Web and UX Designer since 2006. On each project I bring a diversified set of skills which have been gathered from projects of all sizes, versatile design styles and different markets.

I’m specialized in web design and development using handwritten HTML, CSS and jQuery framework. Love working with WordPress, also have considerable experience with other platforms as well.

I Work Hard and Play Hard

  • Defined Purpose
  • Unique Design
  • Quality Code
  • Great UX
Efficient Web Presence

I consider stable communication and quick response important factors of project success. So when working together I think of me & my client as one compact team in which everyone will listen to each other and try to do their best. I work with "open" design approach which means that client & customer (if it's possible) is constantly involved in project creation. So if you are ready to dig in with me and produce some great stuff which will not only look great but also achieve its goals, go get things rolling and contact me.

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